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Długość śladu

182,52 km


11 428 m

Poziom trudności



9 170 m

Max elevation

5 382 m



Min elevation

699 m

Trail type

One Way
  • Zdjęcie Around Annapurna trekking
  • Zdjęcie Around Annapurna trekking
  • Zdjęcie Around Annapurna trekking
  • Zdjęcie Around Annapurna trekking
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  • Film Around Annapurna trekking


10 dni 16 godzin 15 minut




2 października 2011


maja 2010

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5 382 m
699 m
182,52 km

Obejrzane 2567 razy, pobrane 74 razy

w pobliżu Chanaute, Western Region (Nepal)

Na przełomie kwietnia i maja 2010 roku odbyliśmy 10 dniowy trekking wokół Annapurny. Podczas trekkingu przeszliśmy z plecakami 140 km przepiękną, widokową trasą oraz zdobyliśmy przełęcz Thorong La o wysokości 5140m. W tym czasie Kinga Baranowska zdobyła Annapurnę. Tomek i Agnieszka

1 comment

  • Zdjęcie hikehimalayas

    hikehimalayas 11 paź 2012


    I went to Everest Base Camp and was going to Annapurna this past April/May. I can tell you that I found good prices in Kathmandu. I went shopping with my guide though and he seemed to get good deals. I think he rents-out sleeping bags. You can get them in Pokhara too, but you will find a bigger selection in Thamel. this means you can get better deals and will be able to talk them down on the price. It is a Nepali custom (I read in a guide) to bargain. It is fun. You will have no problems wih the weight on the plane. My bag was a bit big, I have a hard time traveling light.
    I did hire a guide and he took care of hiring a porter. He works with trusted people. I can recommend my guide. He was knowledgeable, friendly, and most of all looked-out for my safety. He seemed to know just about everyone in Kathmandu and many, many guides and people on the mountain. Because Sanjib knows so many people he was constantly getting updates from up the mountain, or down the mountain. It was great to travel with a guide that has so many established relationships. I found him by chance through a travel forum and then got references from him. That is, I emailed past clients. In no time, I received emails from Italy, Germany and the U.S. singing this guy’s praises, so that is how I went about finding my guide. I found the price very reasonable and I liked the fact that you do not pay until you get there, so you avoid the big down payments and the advance payments as well. I was happy to travel solo. Traveling in a group is great, but for sure, you will not get personalized attention. You can meet a lot of people at the tea houses, or as you go along the trek you will become familiar with others “going your way.” You can contact Sanjib Adhikari at sanjib-adhikari@hotmail.com and Mobile No +9779841613822. I recommend email. I am sure he will be happy to provide you with references. Let me know if you have more questions and enjoy!!!

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