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w pobliżu  Indian Gardens, Arizona (United States)

One of my favorites, with one of the best views in town.

Hike Wilson Mountain Trail or North Wilson Mountain Trail up to First Bench.

From First Bench the trail goes zig zag uphill until reaching the Second Bench.
After another short climb reaching the Crossing Sedona Outlook and Wilson Mountain Canyon overlook.
At this point it is a Mesa up to Wilson Mountain Canyon overlook. The trail ends at a steep rim of the Mesa.
An unofficial trail goes along the Mesa rim (left - West - South West)
This gives excellent views of Brins Mesa, Wilson Mountain Canyon, A B Young Trail (with fire lookout) and Sedona.
This part is easy to hike as it is almost flat.
At point "L" leaving the rim and head back to the official trail.
Last but not least take a look at the Sedona overlook. Most of the view can be seen from other places of the hike. But worth the short hike nevertheless.

The Brins fire also reached Wilson Mountain. What was a forest is now mostly dead (some patches remain). So expect a lot of dead trees on top of the trail, so a bit more trail finding is needed.

Hiking Time: 3 Hour 30 Minutes return. Add 3 Hours return for the hike up to First Bench. Making the total hike 6 Hours 30 Minutes return.
If you only go to the summit, Sedona overlook, the total hike is 4 Hours 30 Minutes.

First Bench to the Crossing 1 Hour 5 Minutes return.
The Wilson Canyon overlook loop from the crossing 2 Hours return.
The Sedona overlook from the crossing 25 Minutes return.

Expect no shade on this hike from First Bench.
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Wilson Mountain - Trail Head
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First Bench
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Photo 1
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Second Bench Photo 1
Photo 2
Xing - Mesa - Sedona view - Wilson Canyon View
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