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w pobliżu  Indian Gardens, Arizona (United States)

A hike out of the canyon.

Start north of the Cave Springs campground, mp 285.6.
From the parking, hike north on a hiking trail.
This trail is difficult to follow, as it sometimes runs towards Oak Creek.
So after a short while, you have to hike along the Highway.
On the left side, there is just enough room on the shoulder, to hike safely.

At the Pine Flat campground, cross the road to the right hand side and hike along the campground asphalt road.

Just beyond the campground, at "Park 2", starts the Cookstove trail.
The trail is very steep and runs over a ridge.
This makes the hike a bit scary for those who are afraid of heights.
Just as you think your are at the top, the trail continues steeply uphill.
The trail is well maintained, with steps and guard poles.

Out of the canyon, take the trail on the right, that follows the ridge.
Lots and lots of dead trees, are scattered over the trail.
This makes is sometimes difficult to follow trail.

Should you loose the trail, keep hiking along the rim.
When you reach a forest road, follow it for a short while and hike right on a hiking trail. The crossing is marked with cairns and wood.
This trail ends at the Harding Pass trail close to a wooden pole "Marker".
Turn right and follow the Harding Pass trail downhill to the parking.


Hiking time: 2 Hour, 10 Minutes return.
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Forest Road
X Right 2 Trail
Park 1


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