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w pobliżu  Indian Gardens, Arizona (United States)

A nice forest Canyon walk, with shade from the trees and a steep canyon. A well signed and maintained trail.
From Sedona on Dry Creek Road Take F152, the Vultee Arch Road on the right. Drive this rocky and bumpy road to the end and park. The road is for high clearance cars but some regular cars made it all the way. Take the Dry Creek trail on the left (north). At the fork of the Canyon take the left Canyon (north slightly to the west).
This is the Bear Sign Trail Head. Along the creek crossing it numerous times there was some water in April 2009 and frogs). A nice canyon, reminding me of West Fork with less water. Pass the Dave Miller trail (can be used for a loop) up the the end of the trail. The trail becomes fainter at the end and disappears as the canyon forks again.

Hiking Time 3 Hours 20 Min return.
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Xing Bear sign - Dave Miller
Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
Parking Trailhead
End - Xing Canyon
Wilderness Boundary
Xing Dry Creek - Bear Sign


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