2 218 m
1 983 m
10,93 km

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w pobliżu Vereda Chingui, Departamento de Antioquia (Republic of Colombia)

A moderate level circular trail from Arenales to the Salto del Angeles waterfall.
You can get to Arenales by bus from the Envigado metro station.

You start from Arenales, there is a stand with the map of the trails.
At the moment we did the hike, the trail was well marked with orange paint every 10-30 meters.

The first half (before the waterfall) is quite easy.

The waterfall is quite nice, there is a flat square in front of it, so you can rest and enjoy the view. The way back is harder because the first 400 meters are actually via the creek bed.

Be prepared to cross it for about 10 times, jumping from one slippery stone to another. The forest paths between crossings are quite hard too. They have some steep descents from large boulders, where you need to hold roots and lianas all the time in order to not fall into the creek.

After the hard part turn left when you see the bridge.

The way back from this point is as easy as the beginning, with some good views of the nearby hills and numerous fincas.



2 Opinie

  • juanmabe 2018-03-05

    esta ruta según veo es al chorro de las campanas no al salto del Angel?????

  • Zdjęcie johnny pavas

    johnny pavas 2020-11-28

    Si la hacen al revés, la subida por la quebrada es más fácil que bajarla.

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