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w pobliżu Amioso, Castelo Branco (Portugal)

A walk promoted by the Serta tourist office as route PR6.

Not the best walk from the Serta tourist office but an easy one, the main interest being it follows the upper reaches of the Amioso river which eventually makes its way to Serta and runs alongside the main street in town before joining the River Serta.

This walk had been closed for maintenance over the winter and has only recently been re-opened. Despite this maintenance the route has some failings, burnt trees have fallen across the path meaning brush bashing to go around them and the signage isn't that clear on the north-eastern extremity.

At the southern end of this walk is the settlement of Carga, I found the route was obstructed in two places near one of the homes there. These obstructions consisted of a new looking 1 meter high chain link fence across the path which you have to step over, and a fence and narrow gate slightly further south. No problem just open the gate except the gate has been secured closed with fencing wire with another strand above it so you can't clamber over it. You then notice that the gate has been further secured by large stones set into the ground and wedging the gate closed to stop it opening after you've undone the wire that was securing it.

It appeared to me that these were deliberate acts to put people off of completing this route.

All in all quite a disappointing walk except for spotting a species of dragonfly I hadn't seen before.

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