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w pobliżu Canoe Lake, Ontàrio (Canada)

A three day, two night canoe trip in the heart of Algonquin Park through 10 lakes with 8 portages.

My wife and I headed out on a Monday in mid-September to take in some of the park's beauty. Our first day (11am start) took us from Canoe Lake north to Joe Lake and after 4 portages (ranging in length from 120 to 435 meters) we made it through Little Joe and Baby Joe Lakes into Burnt Island Lake where we set up camp for the night.

On our second day we paddled across Burnt Island to the east shore and took a 790 meter portage into Little Otterslide and arrived around 10:30 in the morning. We picked a smaller more secluded campsite and set up the tent for our second night. With just the canoe and a day pack we took the afternoon and explored some features on Otter Slide Lake and toured around the eastern side of Little Otterslide.

On the final day's return trip to Canoe Lake Access point (and our car) we took a long portage from Burnt Island into Little Doe Lake, followed the Little Oxtongue River through Fawn Lake, Tepee Lake, Joe Lake and finally back onto Canoe Lake. (arriving at the access point around 1:00pm).

Our weather was great (cold at nights). Portages were signed and in good shape. The beauty of the park does attract a lot of visitors, summer weekends would be hectic. We had a great time and enjoyed seeing this part of the park.

Canoe portage

At the north end of Canoe lake there is a 260 meter portage around a dam. Well used and wide enough to accommodate traffic in both directions.

Portage at Little Joe

Our second portage was 120 meters and could be skipped in high water.

Portage to Baby Joe Lake

distance of 435 meters

Burnt Island Lake

A 200 meter portage into Burnt Island Lake. The island visible from the portage could be passed on either side.

Campsite night 1

Our campsite for the first night was large and had nice views up and down the lake.

Portage to Little Otterslide

A 790 meter portage from Burnt Lake to Little Otterslide.

Campsite - nope

A little too small and a little too close to the portage trail, we passed on this one.

Campsite night 2

A decent site, more rustic than our first night. The tenting area was set back 30 meters from the shoreline in a wide reasonably flat area that could accommodate several small tents.

Campsite Otter Slide Lake

Saw some nice sites on this lake, only one was booked for the night.

Campsite - lunch

Stopped here for a snack/lunch. Very few campsites were booked on Otterslide and Little Otterslide so we took advantage of the opportunity to stretch our legs and fill our bellies.

Campsite, no trail

We headed into the bush behind this campsite in search of a trail that showed up on both sets of maps (OSM and Jeff's Maps). The trail is long gone.... so we retreated to the canoe.

Portage end at Little Doe Lake

Portage of 1140 meters, longest of the trip.


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