• Zdjęcie Al Scheller Scout Trail in Vicksburg MS
  • Zdjęcie Al Scheller Scout Trail in Vicksburg MS

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Uploaded 26 maja 2009

Recorded marca 2009

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33 m
24,89 km

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w pobliżu  Vicksburg, Mississippi (United States)

This track is 95% of the Al Scheller Boy Scout Trail in Vicksburg MS. Since we lost the trail a few times, but then found it a short distance later, the track is not perfect, but is much better than nothing. Also, the last ½ mile or so of the trail is missing. From studying a topo map of the end of the trail area, it appears the last part of the trail follows a wash (usually dry stream bed). However, this area of the trails becomes overgrown and hard to locate at night. It is usually twilight when you reach this point.


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