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w pobliżu Walporzheim, Rheinland-Pfalz (Deutschland)

We started this walk from a parking place in Walporzheim with ample space.

The first part went along the river Ahr to the impressive Kloster Calvarienberg.

Going around this huge cloister we picked up the Ahrsteig for a while, going through the vineyards on this side of the river. We went through a Bergfriedhof and after that followed the Ramersbacherstrasse (L84) for more or less 300 metres and then went along tracks through open fields until we reached the vineyards again. You will have very good views on Ahrweiler, Bad Neuenahr and Lantershofen and of course the Rotweinwanderweg across the river.

After this we descended to Ahrweiler and walked along the Ahrallee alongside the river that took us to the Kanonenwal and the ancient entrance gate of the city.

After walking through the old city we crossed the river Ahr again and followed a track alongside the river that took us back to our parking place again.

A wonderful walk that you could easily lengthen or shorten.

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Kloster Calvarienberg


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