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w pobliżu Black Mountain, North Carolina (United States)

Accompanying video: https://bit.ly/2SAsI9W

This was a lovely 26-mile hike I did for my 32nd birthday (I know, I know. I should have done 32 miles). It took about 11 hours and 60,000 steps. I started at my house, walked through Montreat and up the old hunting road, connected to the Blue Ridge Parkway where I walked about 10 miles, and then turned off and did some bushwacking.

Some challenges during the hike: fallen trees, rusty barbed wire in the ground catching my shoelaces, OLD shoes and a lazy training regimen.

Some of the pluses: beautiful views, Parkway closed off to cars because of wintery conditions and having my laptop in my backpack so I could keep my phone alive.

In order to make the above map, I went onto Google Maps and traced my route...manually. Lot more work than having some sort of GPS tracking device and uploading that file to WikiLoc. But that's a sign of frugality and dedication.


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