Moving time  2 godzin 32 minut

Czas  3 godzin 25 minut

Współrzędne 1973

Uploaded 26 lipca 2018

Recorded lipca 2018

221 m
166 m
11,3 km

Obejrzane 83 razy, pobrane 7 razy

w pobliżu  Vízfő, Baranya megye (Magyarország)

This walk turned out quite a lot shorter, flatter and less strenuous than originally intended (33p, 11,01km, 94m(+), 95m(-) & 2,6%/6%(+) according to IBP), as a result of the sole of my right shoe coming loose out of the blue (my Meindls are only three months old). Fortunately duct tape allowed for emergency repairs which allowed me to complete a shortened version of the walk. This walk is an unusual combination of (literally) paved paths and some real pathfinding during the second quarter of the walk. I'm not entirely sure whether the chagrin over the damaged shoe plays any kind of significant role, but even when trying to ignore this, I don't think I can really recommend this walk, unless you would like to make an afternnon stroll around the larger of the two lakes.
I'll be very interested to hear Meindl's response to the damage to my right walking shoe (which is the second serious issue I've now had with two different pairs of their shoes in just over two years time). I'll update this review once I find out. Until then, think twice before going Meindl, would be my advice... I most certainly will next time!

Update (now more than a month after the event): Meindl haven't even dignified my complaint with a response, despite a second email from my side... shame on them, I will never buy Meindl again! Meanwhile I have seen several reviews (about their lack of customer service) that unfortunately sound very much like my own experience.

* = regular hike; ** = nice hike; *** = beautiful hike;
**** = very beautiful hike; ***** = exceptionally beautiful hike (unique)

0-25 IBP = very easy hike; 26-50 IBP = easy hike;
51-75 IBP = moderately difficult hike; 76-100 IBP = difficult hike;
>100 IBP = very difficult hike (all for someone in average/good shape)

Source of the photos: M. Buter


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