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w pobliżu  Šljivlje (Montenegro)

Beautiful walk starting from and ending at the Biogradska Gora visitor centre (EUR 3 per person to enter the park). The loop around the glacial lake, although a little cultivated and frequented by weekend visitors, is still really worth doing, in particular the middle part crossing the wetlands. The hike up to Lanista and back is very quiet, on the other hand, and offers some amazing panoramas en route. There are a couple of meadows across which you have to find your way to the path at the other end, but if you follow the trail on your smartphone or ipad (as I did), it can hardly go wrong. There are also a couple of cattle gates along the hike; please make sure to close these behind you. We found the hike relatively easy (45p, 11,18km, 360m(+), 340m(-) & 6,5%/20%(+) according to IBP). Beware in case it has just rained, though, as many paths are quite narrow and muddy, and the ramps can be quite steep. If you suffer from serious vertigo, you may want to avoid doing this hike.

* = regular hike; ** = nice hike; *** = beautiful hike;
**** = very beautiful hike; ***** = exceptionally beautiful hike (unique)

0-25 IBP = very easy hike; 26-50 IBP = easy hike;
51-75 IBP = moderately difficult hike; 76-100 IBP = difficult hike;
>100 IBP = very difficult hike (all for someone in average/good shape)

Source of the photos: M. Buter


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