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Uploaded 25 stycznia 2017

Recorded października 2016

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w pobliżu  Touaourou (New Caledonia)

It took 2+ hours to get to the trailhead due to the events along the way but I was finally on the hike by about 9:15. The hike was tougher than I expected. It was about 1/3rd red dirt/slippery gravel. 1/3rd knee high brush/razor grass that had to be bushwhacked through and 1/3rd "dry rain forest" rather dense but at least flat, unlike the other 2/3rds. According to the online account, there were two watering holes to look forward to. Lack of rain the past two months pretty much eliminated those however ... one was bone dry the other shallow compared to the size of the hole though I jumped in anyway to ease some hiking pains. All in all, not the greatest hike - fell a couple of times, got my legs cut up pretty badly but nothing major and I got back to the car within 5 hours of starting.


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