310 m
68 m
13,75 km

Obejrzane 1814 razy, pobrane 30 razy

w pobliżu Saint-Louis (New Caledonia)

Distance: 13.8 km.
Elevation low/high/total: 18/248/646 m.
Scenic: 9.1/10

the region is not one that is often hiked apparently. But we had an uneventful time and ended up at a baignade (swimming hole) that appears to have been in use since the early 1900s, likely established a "resort" area for mining crew. There are steps and concrete sitting area built into the hillside lining one side of the natural pool. No one else was there except us and a sizable number of very hungry fish. The hike is relatively flat; the flora is as diverse and interesting as anywhere I've seen on the island. We saw giant taro,a bamboo forest, picked and ate wild raspberries and even passed through a birch tree grove.

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