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w pobliżu  Happy Valley, Tennessee (United States)

Out-and-Back from Abrams Creek Campground, following Cooper Road Trail to Cane Creek Trail, to Park Boundary. The Cane Creek Trail can only be done as an out-and-back, since the trail ends on private property as it leaves the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, with no parking or road available at that end. Plenty of parking at the Abrams Creek Campground end.

The recorded hike was 12.5 miles, but at least 0.7 miles of that can be avoided. (Our group was originally planning on a different trek - along Rabbit Creek Trail - but needed to modify the plan when Rabbit Creek was not safely crossable.)

As it stands, the Cooper Road and Cane Creek trails were very wet, with a half-dozen rock-hopping crossings, and three streams that required wet feet (mid-calf depth, over the boot tops). Double those numbers to 12 rock-hopping crossings plus six wet-feet crossings, since we had to cross each twice on the out and back.

Elevations were pretty tame, with one big climb in each direction. But with the streams and many blowdowns and the 12 mile round trip distance, we rated this a "Difficult" hike. Dryer times of the year it might be considered Moderate.
so let's head back to the parking lot and figure out a different trail...
(two of us crossed with boots, one switched to water shoes)
Private property ahead, time to reverse course....


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