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The hike to Red Lake Peak is not very long, but it can be difficult. You soon leave the PCT, and hike directly up the west side of the mountain. Don't be fooled by the first ridgetop you see, you have to go around this, then up again to the true summit. The summit rocks are a volcanic slag, somewhat difficult to ascend. If you want to reach the true summit, traverse around the east side of the summit rocks almost to the north end of the rocks. Find a sloping gully leading to a notch blocked by some rocks. Climb around this notch to the right to a landing. Climb up through another notch to the left, then down to a 5 foot wide ledge on the west side of the summit block. This flat ledge goes about 30 feet or so south to another notch above you and to the left. Climb up through this to the east side again, then climb up and back (north) a few feet to the highpoint. There is a faded white painted X on the highpoint, but there was no summit register when we climbed it.

Meiss TH

This trailhead is just down the road from the Carson Pass parking lot, on the north side of the road.

Red Lake Pk


XC Red Lake Peak

The point at which we left the PCT to head up the slopes toward the peak.


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