770 m
2 m
18,88 km

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w pobliżu Teluk Bahang, Pulau Pinang (မလေးရှား)

Chetvinder Singh Aujla qualified for the Muddy Irau Trail Extreme Challenge as he managed to complete the Penang Longest Trail with me this morning. If any of you want to try it out, you all can call him for jungle guide service. TQ
19-JUN-11 5:03:33PM
19-JUN-11 5:56:30PM
19-JUN-11 6:41:05PM
19-JUN-11 8:09:49PM
30-JAN-11 8:15:02
30-JAN-11 8:28:09
30-JAN-11 8:35:44
30-JAN-11 8:38:17
30-JAN-11 8:46:06
30-JAN-11 8:58:45
30-JAN-11 9:07:24
30-JAN-11 9:17:34Steight
30-JAN-11 9:26:59
30-JAN-11 9:41:00
30-JAN-11 10:01:21
30-JAN-11 10:14:38
30-JAN-11 10:31:38

4 Opinie

  • HantuUK 2013-02-19

    Wow, that is impressive. I often wondered how you get to the botanical gardens from the forest reserve. I only got about a few miles from the forest reserve at telok bahang and that's hard enough...


  • Zdjęcie JET (Jungle Express Tracker)

    JET (Jungle Express Tracker) 2017-02-21

    I am a marathon runner so distance is not a problem. You need to motivate yourself to keep going. That's all.

  • Khirman 2018-02-07

    bro, how many bukit covered in this trail?

  • Zdjęcie JET (Jungle Express Tracker)

    JET (Jungle Express Tracker) 2018-03-12

    Only one, Bukit Laksamana 805m ASL!
    Ups & Downs a lot of course

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