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w pobliżu Benimaclet, Valencia (España)

I did this route in August 2012 with a friend. We both had touring bikes and it went pretty well. Most of the way is paved. The Pyrenees are a little bit on dirt and also steep but its not very high. The ways in France are awsome. For the first 25km after Valencia you should maybe not take our route along the beach because its quite bumpy and on dirt. I would do this route again!

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  • Zdjęcie penyadiesel

    penyadiesel 2013-05-27

    I want to do this route next summer. Where did you sleep? Overnight is legal in France?


  • alex787 2013-05-27

    We slept whereever we found a place to put our tent on to. Sometimes without a tent on the beach. As far as I know overnight is forbidden in Spain, France and in Germany. Without a tent it is ok. But as long as you don't disturb anybody and don't camp for a week in one place it should be fine ;-)

  • Zdjęcie srob

    srob 2019-07-14

    Hola Alex, me gustaría hacer la ruta y me gustaría saber más detalle. Me puedes enviar un mail a y allí hablamos?

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