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w pobliżu  Rochester, England (United Kingdom)

Second stage of the National Cycle Route 1, from Rochester to Harlow via London.

Route 1 is a long distance cycle route (1,695 miles) connecting Dover and the Shetland Islands via the east coast of England and Scotland.

Most of this section between Rochester and Harlow is traffic free, even though it passes through London. It manages to connect the Thames Walk with Victoria Park in London and finally with the Lee Valley Regional Park.

You will find more signs in this second stage than in the first one. Still, there are a few points where the signs are missing or where they are confusing.

Again the best choice for this route is a hybrid byke, but it can be done as well with a mountain bike or a road bike.

Easy and completly flat route.
Harlow Town Burnt Mill Harlow, Essex, CM20 2, GBR


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