• Film Cycling through Europe: Part 4b - Croatia Islands, Vela Luka to Trpanj

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w pobliżu Vela Luka, Marina (Hrvatska)

Beginning in May 2016, we commence a 3-4 month cycling tour of Europe. Starting in Geneva, we plan to cycle through Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary and Romania, before crossing the Black Sea and picking up the trail in Georgia. We plan to depart Georgia for South Korea in early August and continue our cycling trek through Asia.

Part 4b: Croatia - Korcula island - Vela Luka to Trpanj
Time: 4 days
Route: Crossing Korcula Island west to east and then ferry crossing to
Ferry: Car ferry from Split to Vela Luka, Car ferry from Korcula to Orebic and Car ferry from Trpanj to Ploce. only the car ferry accept bicycle. Passenger catamaran mostly doesn't accept bicycle, we asked a few companies and they either said no or yes but without luggage. Car ferry doesn't run to all islands and generally connect islands with the main land.
Difficulty: moderate, croatian islands are very steep and we often end-up climbing up over 1000m in one day. The traffic is less than on the main land but we were off-season. They might be more traffic during summer season.

Leaving Split in our wake, we board the car ferry for the town of Vela Luka, located on the western end of the island of Korcula. Looming above the township is the extraordinary archaeological site of Vela Spila, a voluminous cave that is one of the most important sites of prehistoric dwelling in Europe. We ride to the top of the mountain to visit the cave, before heading off across the island towards the eastern end. Narrowly avoiding some threatening storm clouds along the way, we make the hilly 60 kilometre journey to the town of Korcula, after which the island is named. From here we return to the mainland, taking a break near the town of Orebic, before traversing a steep mountain range to arrive in the port village of Trpanj. Remember those threatening storm clouds we avoided? Well, the village of Trpanj wasn't so lucky, and we spent the rest of our afternoon surveying the serious flood damage that had affected the township.

Photos and more info on our website: www.upsidownearth.com
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8UefNZNsCkU

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