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w pobliżu  Hollerich, Luxembourg (Lëtzebuerg)

Cycling - August 2009 loop. Total 1,210 Km in 17 stages along the Mosel and Rhein rivers, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Train in between Brussels and Luxembourg City and on to finish exactly at the starting point where our car was parked.
Beautiful and mostly dry trip. The only wet stage with heavy rain was in between Utrecht and Amsterdam.
Most of the route developed on paved cycling paths. Very few sections on compact dirt roads. Some stretches, mainly in urban areas, are cobbled varying from acceptable to very rough, especially in Belgium.
Power for my eTrex Vista HCx was supplied for most of the time by a small solar charger placed on the handlebar bag. This provided an almost sufficient source of energy for the whole trip.
561 Km in D
421 Km in NL
191 Km in B
37 Km in L
Longest stage: 113 Km

A 10" notebook wasn't much of an extra burden and proved very useful to search and make advance reservations for the next day or two.
I had prepared the entire route by using sections of the official GPS tracks found on the web for the cycling paths, but the notebook also proved useful to change/modify our route along the way with Garmin MapSource.

Taking the train in Brussels Central Station is easy, there are lifts taking down to the tracks level. For those who want to reach Luxembourg though, take note that Brussels Central Station is not the station to use. Nobody told us but we were there already and the personnel was extremely kind and helpful. The chosen station is Brussels-Zuid (Midi), which is the "South Station". The train is the same but there is probably more time to load the bikes. Places for bikes are limited and they are stowed, vertically and hanging by the front wheel to a hook, in small locker which will be locked by the personnel. There is one such locker per wagon which holds only two bicycles. Another thing to consider is that not all of the wagons will reach Luxembourg, some will be detached before crossing the border. Make sure your bikes are on the wagons that proceed all the way.

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