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74 m
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13,85 km

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w pobliżu  Saint Petersburg, Санкт-Петербург (Россия)

Alexandrinsky Theatre, Catherine II the Great park and monument, Nevsky Prospect street, Mikhaylovsky Theatre, Russian Museum, Nevsky Prospect, Stroganov Palace, Moyka river, Palace Square and Alexander Column, Russian Post, Hermitage, Winter Palace, Hermitage museum, Admiralty building, Constitutional Court of Russia, Tsar Nicholas I monument, St. Isaac's square - Cathedral - colonnade (panoramic view), Alexander Garden, Bronze Horseman, Admiralty embankment, Palace bridge, Rostral columns, Old stock exchange, Winter palace garde, Palace Square , Atlantes of the Hermitage, Moyka river, Church of our Savior on the Spilled Blood, Griboyedov canal pedestrian area.
Alexandrinsky Theatre
Catherine II the Great monument
Kazan Cathedral
Church of our Savior on the Spilled Blood
Griboyedov canal
Palace Square and Alexander Column
Russian Post
Hermitage, Winter Palace
Trinity bridge
Peter & Paul fortress
Rostral column 1
Rostral column 2
Old st petersburg stock exchange
Admiralty building
Bronze Horseman
Constitutional Court of Russia
St. Isaac's Cathedral
St. Isaac's Cathedral colonnade (panoramic view)
St. Isaac's Square
Tsar Nicholas I monument
Stroganov Palace
Nevskii prospekt
Mikhaylovsky Theatre
Russian Museum of Ethnography

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