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w pobliżu Villarreal de San Carlos, Extremadura (España)

National park of Monfrague in Extramadura prefecture in central Spain.
The route combines two signposted trails in the park: green ("verde") and yellow ("amarillo").
The walk starts from the village Villareal de San Carlos to the west following the green path. After 2,7km, where the path crosses small brigde, the steep section starts to reach highest level (370m) at 3,8km, with amazing view point to the whole valley. The return to the village is done from the other side of the spring - complete route green at 7,3km.
We continued the walk to follow the yellow path, to the east. The path goes along the river with constant views to the valley and river itself. We have met some deer on our way :-D (see photos). The path ends with small rest area with a view to the dam (at 12,1km). Return done with almost the same path, only small variation just before the village.
Nice and very easy sunday walk. Very beautiful village with reconstructed traditional settlements (see photo).

NOTE: Before the walk, we have driven around the park with a car to two viewpoints, that I include as waypoints on the route.

Viewpoint - Dam






Viewpoint - Birds

Stanowisko archeologiczne



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