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w pobliżu  Columbia, Ohio (United States)

This walking and biking trail encircles Cincinnati's Lunken Airport near the Ohio River. The airport is now primarily used by executive and recreational aircraft. The trail is paved and basically flat except for getting onto and off the levees on the East and South sides. Deer and hawks are frequently spotted. In the summer, colorful indigo buntings and goldfinches have been seen. The classic terminal building is a must see. Constructed in the art deco style, the building contains wonderful WPA-era murals and an early Aeronca airplane (Aeronca was originally based at Lunken).
Lunken Terminal building from the outside.
Wilmer Ave (at left) adjacent to the trail and aircraft hangars
Hawk seen on fence near the golf course.
Golf course on the north side of the airport
Trail leading to the top Little Miami River levee
On top of the Little Miami River levee heading southward.
Looking toward the hills of Kentucky from the southernmost point of the trail.
End of one of the runways with an historic hangar on the right.
Inside Lunken Airport terminal with Aeronca airplane and WPA-era murals.


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