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w pobliżu  Forestville, Ohio (United States)

Five Mile Trail is located in Anderson Township, Ohio (east of Cincinnati). The trail is in a residential area and passes along public buildings and retail space but much of the trail has a rural feel. The trail is paved and restrooms and car parking are available at the two trailheads. A hawk was seen during this winter trek, as well as several bluebirds and cardinals.

Approximately 2.5 miles from South Trailhead to North Trailhead.
Anderson Station, parking area, rest rooms and inside lounge.
The Anderson Center houses community meeting areas as well as government activities.
This part of the trail is parallel to Five Mile Rd. but it is nicely separated from the auto traffic.
View from the trail.
Bridge allows easy transit across Hunley Rd.
This is the hill top area near the Newtown Rd trailhead.
Trailhead has auto parking and a permanent restroom.
A small group of Bluebirds were cavorting near the trail.
Trail view


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