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w pobliżu Wajiyama, Shizuoka (Japan)

On April 6, 2019, I went to Hamamatsu to get around some of the places for viewing sakura. After a long walk visiting some of the nice parks including Funakoshi Park, Magomegawa Mizubeno-koen Park, and Yotsuike Park, I was a bit tired but I found a nice place for the views of the cherry blossoms at the northwestern edge of the park near the swimming pool. After enjoying the cherry blossom viewing I tried 920-meter walking course.

Park Entrance 1

After walking from Yotsuike Park for about half an hour I reached the northeastern part of the park near the library.

Park 2

To get to the cherry viewing site of this park, go westward until you reach the narrow trail encircling the athletic field and turn right walking toward the library building.

About 200 meters from the start of the walking course

Turn left near the library building and walk along the walking course alongside the athletic field.

Northwestern corner of 920-meter walking/jogging course

When you reach the corner of the field, you will see the parking space for the park visitors. Go straight ahead and walk on the narrow road at the right side of the parking space.

Cherry Trees Near the Parking Space

This parking space is mainly for the children's playground and for the swimming pool. The cherry trees near this parking space are nice, too.

Plaza with Sakura and Playing Equipments 1

After a few minutes walk from athletic field passing the large parking space you will find a level children's playground with a wide variety of playing equipments. At the corner of this park you can have a glimpse of hilltop view. This is also a good place for viewing sakura (cherry blossoms)

Cherry Blossoms 1


Cherry Blossoms 2


Plaza with Sakura and Playing Equipments 2


View from the river terrace top

Just like Tokyo and Yokohama, Hamamatsu city has a lot of uplands, geologically alluvial upland which could have been piled up along with the river flow of old Tenryu River which often changed river courses through the millions of years. The upland at the park area is also a part of Mikatagahara uplands ranging from 25 to 110 meters above sea level. You can sense such geological feature when you view from the westernmost edge of this park facing the bluff of the upland.

Going down the slope

Going down to the lower place toward the swimming pool. Cherry blossoms were beautiful there, too.

Deaizaka Slope

The steep slope is called Deaizaka or literally meaning "Rendezvous Slope"

Cherry Trees near the Swimming Pool

It was Saturday and the cherry trees near the swimming pools had yet to be occupied by hanami party participants. Things could be different in a few days.

Cherry Blossoms near the Swimming Pool 2

Sports facility

Free-of-charge Children's Swimming Pool


Cherry Trees in a small kid's playground


Start of 920-meter walking Course

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