218 m
-43 m
3,2 km

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w pobliżu  Yamazaki, Saitama (Japan)

In short the worst paying zoo (1700 yen/pers.) I've seen in Japan.

From the station a bus steals you of more than 100 yen for barely 1 or 2 minutes' drive. From the entrance one needs to walk more than 1 km, passing by all kinds of paying attractions as in an amusement park.
Only the lions and white tiger makes one feel it's a zoo, and it certainly doesn't justify the steep entrance fee plus transportation cost.

Finally to return to the station if you don't want to walk the exact same path there is a private bus, 300 yen/pers. another ripoff.

I'm probably never going there again, unless heavily inebriated or physically coerced...


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