• Zdjęcie SLOVAKIA- Hanusovce, Bystre
  • Zdjęcie SLOVAKIA- Hanusovce, Bystre
  • Zdjęcie SLOVAKIA- Hanusovce, Bystre
  • Zdjęcie SLOVAKIA- Hanusovce, Bystre
  • Zdjęcie SLOVAKIA- Hanusovce, Bystre

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w pobliżu Giraltovce, Prešovský (Slovenská republika)

As a part of our Comenius project called Let stones speak we visited Hanusovce nad Toplou and Bystre. We visited interesting sights of the area. Hanušovce nad Topľou, a small town in the middle of east Slovakia, home for more than 3,5 thousand of people, is spread on Hanušovská pahorkatina highlands, at northeast base of slope of Slánske vrchy mountains. We visited big Manor House which is a site of The Homeland Study Museum with valuable ethnographical and naturalistic exposition focused on Vranov nad Topľou district area.Another technical sight is railway bridge with the biggest arch in the middle Europe, its arch is just right over the town. It is 40 metres high and more than 400 metres long.
at the end we visit company called Zeocem which is know for the mining and processing of natural Zeolite and manufacture products based on natural zeolite.
For those who are interested in visiting this area:
BUS: Take the bus from Presov bus station to Vranov nad Topľou, platform 9, average price: 1,50 €
TRAIN: there is a direct train from Presov train station, average price: 1,32€
CAR: From Presov take the main road number 18 to Vranov nad Toplou. Both places lie on the main road.

1. Guest house and restaurant EDEN, Hanusovce nad Toplou- http://www.edenubytovanie.sk/english/guest-house.htm

2. SSOS Giraltovce- http://www.sluzbygir.php5.sk/Fotogaleria.html
3. Zalubova- http://zalubova.sk/gb/1/ranc-zalubova

Museum of Local History, Hanusovce nad Toplou


Viaduct in Hanusovce nad Toplou

The railway viaduct which soars above the small town of Hanušovce nad Topľou, east of Presov( Slovakia) , is among the longest in central Europe. Forty metres above the valley floor and describing a 390-metre-long curve, it is an impressive engineering achievement (a sister viaduct of similar proportions can be seen just outside the town). Beautiful constructions with a bent lower belt were set on pillars of different height copying the shape of the valley it bridges over. The tallest of pillars is 28 m and its height above the terrain is 40 metres. The viaduct was completely destroyed during the Second World War. But this valuable technical monument was reconstructed and it serves again. Along with several similar bridge constructions it is part of the railway track between Kapušany and Vranov.


The main production program of company called Zeocem is the mining and processing of natural zeolite and manufacture products based on natural zeolite. Zeocem is one of the leading producers of zeolitic products in Europe. Zeocem, a.s. has the permision for mining, quarrying and preparation of mineral deposits by superficial manner in quarries and for the treatment and processing of minerals, carried out in connection with their extraction. Zeocem, a.s. has its own high-quality natural zeolite deposits in the designated mining areas of Nižný Hrabovec and Pusté Čemerné. Zeocem, a.s. also has its own processing and manufacturing capacity in the mine Nižný Hrabovec and in plant Bystré, which we were able to visit. To get more information about Zeolite, visit : http://www.zeocem.com/agro/


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