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5 units organic rough cut cubes 1 face Talked with Gerry who is the buyer and she gave me Jennifer’s contact, jennifer@wildrootsmarket.com who is head of procurements. Gerry let me know that they will not be bringing anything additional in until after the new year but was receptive to our organic offerings to add to the one they already carry.
3 units organic rough cut 1 face I would suggest Emailing Jennifer about restock and other questions as far as showing her out other products early next year when they are looking to buy again.
5 units organic rough cut cubes 1 face Not buying until after new year. Definitely potential for more organic products placement.
8 units granulated organic 9 units raw granulated 5 sticks 5 units organic rough cut cubes 8 faces Restocking as necessary, solid account.
0 units Point of contact was not present to discuss and clerk was not particularly helpful.


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