1 315 m
498 m
296,26 km

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w pobliżu Šipokno, Општина Охрид (Македонија)

- Visit Vevchani Springs Park
- Drive along Globočičko Jezero (Globočičko artificial/hydroelectric lake/dam)
- Drive along Debar Jezero (Debar artificial/hydroelectric lake/dam)
-- Stop to eat Burek and drink Ayran in the Albanian (atmosphere) city Debar
- Drive to the village Lazaropole (It is not necessary to visit when it is not the time of Wedding festival there).
- Walk 45 minutes to Duf Waterfall from Old Mosque in the village Rostushe
- Visit St. John the Forerunner Bigorski Monastery
- Stop in Mavrovo Jezero (Mvrovo artificial/hydroelectric lake/dam)
- Stop in Albanian Mother War Memorial to Albanian who killed in the first Balkan War in 1912 (the memorial built in 2013). It is situeted on the junction to the village Zajas.


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