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w pobliżu  Kalterherberg, Nordrhein-Westfalen (Deutschland)

Our last visit to the Holderbach Valley (see Holderbach Valley and Grünental) was a more leisurely ride, on good forest roads, and back to Kalterherberg via the Rur valley bike trail. This trail explores more of the wild side of the Holderbach - perhaps too wild to be full-heartedly recommended, unless you take the following alternative:

To avoid the blocked stretch between HS 1 and HS 2, turn right at the Manfred Spiekesmann Hütte as before. Instead of turning left shortly after (as per our coordinates), continue straight and follow the maps (for example the OSM map) to join our trail again shortly beyond way point HS 2. We haven't taken this deviation, but from the map information this is slightly longer than our route, but avoids the defunct trail that we aimed to travel.

Also note that the last bit down to the Bistro 'Der Hammer' is quite difficult - as per our photographs. Novices may want to dismount and push their bikes, or take a deviation to the Manfred Spiekesmann Hut.

If this all sounds too complicated to bother about, this is a rather wild and beautiful trail!
Bistro "Der Hammer" (Restaurant) An der Streng 7 52152, Simmerath, Städteregion Aachen, DEU 02473/9286120
Florian-Hütte (Unterstand) 52156, Monschau, Städteregion Aachen, DEU
Großer Stern (Attraction)
Post 52156, Monschau, Städteregion Aachen, DEU
Manfred Spiekesmann (Gedenkstätte)
Picnic Place


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