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w pobliżu Kajimachi, Shizuoka (Japan)

Okazaki is one of the cities favored by Hamamatsu residents. They usually drive to get there but traveling with trains and buses can sometimes be fun. One important reminder, however, is that Okazaki Station of Tokai Main Line is rarely used by tourists and most of the train travelers first get to Higashi Okazaki Station of Meitetsu Main Line.Okazaki Park where Okazaki Castle main keep is located is about twenty minutes walk from the station and Rokusho Shrine popular autumn viewing sites in Okazaki is located south of the station. Higashi Okazaki Station has been undergoing changes and I was led to get out from the station from West Exit. To get to Higashi Park there are buses from Gate #2 of the bus terminal at the north of the station. Higashi Park is really huge and three bus stops are available to enter the park. On that day I chose to get out from Higashi Koen Kita bus stop.
Train stop

Tokaido Main Line Hamamatsu Station

Tokaido Main Line Hamamatsu Station shares the station of Tokaido Shinkansen (Super Express). This time I chose to use Tokaido Main Line to get to Okazaki. (If you use Shinkansen you can change trains from Toyohashi and change trains to Meitetsu Main Line). From Hamamatsu I took express train to Gifu but whatever trains you take, the train stops at every station between Hamamatsu and Toyohashi.
Train stop

Tokaido Main Line Toyohashi Station

Toyohashi is one of the stations of Tokaido Main Line where Tokaido Shinkansen (Super Express) Line also stops by. Toyohashi Station has a number of railway lines to change, Iida Line, Meitetsu Main Line and Atsumi Line. Toyohashi Station is also a start for Toyotetsu Shinai Line, a tram line. To get to Okazaki most people change trains at Toyohashi to Meitetsu Main Line leading to Gifu or Inuyama (Actually the end of the Meitetsu Inuyama Line is Shin-unuma Station). One important reminder is that there is no Okazaki stations in Meitetsu Main Line. Higashi Okazaki Station is the one and only choice to enjoy the tour in main areas of Okazaki.
Train stop

Stairs to Meitetsu Main Line

Iida Line and Meitetsu Main Line shares the platform area and Meitetsu Main Line trains depart from platform #3.
Train stop

Meitetsu Main Line Toyohashi Station

At platform #3 of Toyohashi Station where Meitetsu Line trains depart, there is a ticket office to buy Meitetsu Line ticket. First show the ticket to Toyohashi (such as Tokaido Main Line ticket to Toyohashi) and tell the clerk the destination and how many adults (12 or over) and Children (12 or under). In Japan, train fees differs depending on age. As far as your children are attending elementary school in your country you can declare your child as children. Pre-school children are free of charge in Meitetsu line. Then tell them to get ticket to HIGASHI-OKAZAKI station. Not OKAZAKI station. The fee is 550 yen for adults. From Toyohashi Station only express, limited express and rapid limited express trains depart, to change the local train you must get to Ina to take a local train. See my comment on Meitetsu Line guides.
Train stop

Higashi Okazaki Station

When you travel to Okazaki, Higashi Okazaki Station of Meitetsu Main Line is a good place to start. You can even take a bus to Korankei Gorge during autumn leaves season from there. The station also has a tourist information office. The station has been undergoing remodefication and I was led to the newest part of the station to get out and a bit confused.
Train stop

West Exit

It is the exit a part of new Higashi Okazaki Station.

Tourist Information Office

Be sure to get info maps of both Higashi Park and Minami Park there.
Bus stop

Bus Terminal

I hope the current re-development plan around Higashi Okazaki Station includes the reorganization of bus terminal. It is still inconvenient and the guide for oversea tourists are nearly non-existent. To get to Higashi Park Line 31 bus is the best. If theire is no Line 31 bus Line 33, 34 and 35 buses are also available but the bus stop for Higashi Park is only Higashi-koen-guchi. During daytime you can have buses three or four times an hour including these bus lines. All of these bus lines depart from #2 gate of the bus terminal at the north exit of Higashi Okazaki Station.

Higashikoen Kita Bus Stop


Higashi Park Entrance


Park Entrance 2

Architektura sakralna

Sesonji Temple




Park Shop


Dinosour Statues


Zoo (Elephant)

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