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w pobliżu Probishtip, Општина Пробиштип (Македонија)

The historical and cultural tour of Probistip takes you past the monuments, through the parks, and into the history and culture of the town. The sites you will see are:

-WW2 monument from well known architect Borislav Matevski
-Miner’s statue
-St. Lesnovski Statue
-Stopanska Bank building from well known architect Јован Стефановски
-Church of Assumption of Mary
-Church of Saint Elijah

This tour also takes you to:
-Probištip town center
-Probištip municipality building
-2 city parks
-the village of Kalniste
Architektura sakralna

Црква „Св. Пророк Илија“

Architektura sakralna

Црква „Успение на Пресвета Богородица“


Споменикот на Свети Гаврило Лесновски/ The monument to Saint Gabriel of Lesnovo

Building of interest

Зградата на Стопанска Банка од познат архитект Јован Стефановски/ Famous architect design

Познат архитект, Јован Стефановски, ја дизајнираше зградата на Стопнаска Банка во 1985. The Stopanska Bank building was designed by a well-known Macedonian architect, Jovan Stefanovski, in 1985 and built in 1986.





Споменик на Рудар


Споменик На Втора Светска Ворна/WW2 Monument

Познат архитект, Borislav Matevski, го дизајнираше споменикот во 1986. Macedonia was occupied by the Axis powers in WW2. The Macedonian resistance fought one battle in Probistip during that time. This monument includes the names of those that lost their lives in that fight and a poem to honor them. The well-known architect, Borislav Matevski, designed the monument in 1986.


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