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w pobliżu Bowman, California (United States)

Hike starts at gate 150, Mountain Quarries R.R. just past the HW49 bridge to Cool.Proceed to Mountain Quarries Bridge, aka No Hands and take a sharp left at the bridge onto Robie Trail. Follow Robie Trail past the Training hill intersect and proceed onward to the middle fork overlook at the Quarry parking lot. From here it is ~.5-miles to Pig Farm Trail. Follow Pig Farm to the end intersecting with Training Hill. Follow Training Hill up to Olmstead. Continue straight on the trail bypassing the first left hand fork to see a great view of Folsom Lake. From there most of the trail follows the Olmstead Loop into Cool. Cool has several excellent restaurants to choose from. The Pizza and BBQ place has one of the best salad bars around! Enjoy:-)

Pig Farm trail intersect

Pig Farm is an overlooked trail in the Confluence area that is stunning as well as providing shade from the hot summer sun. Trail crosses an old dam at one point that was probably the water source for the Pig Farm. Enjoy the trail intersection and route pictures.

Training Hill intersect

Be sure to look back as you climb for some great views of the distant Sierra mountain views.

Training Hill Summit

Reward for a tough climb... Olmstead Loop:)

Folsom Lake Vista

Views of Folsom Lake and some Olmstead/Knickerbocker photos

Cool California

Great destination!

Confluence View

Great views of the Confluence area of Auburn State Recreation Area await those who pause to take a breath:-)

Training Hill trail junction

Training Hill is one of the most popular trails at the Confluence and started out as a training ground for Tevis Cup riders and horses. At .9-miles and 1,000-feet in gain it is popular with the fitness crowd!

No Hands trail junction

Be sure to catch a view from the bridge if you have the time!


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