• Zdjęcie Korbous - Robinson Creek
  • Zdjęcie Korbous - Robinson Creek
  • Zdjęcie Korbous - Robinson Creek
  • Zdjęcie Korbous - Robinson Creek

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Uploaded 20 maja 2019

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w pobliżu Korbous, Nābul (Republic of Tunisia)

This breathtaking cliffside hike is the essence of a Mediterranean dream. It takes you from the calm spa town of Korbous to "Robinson Creek", a small cove with crystal clear waters and a calm beach where you can relax and enjoy the Tunisian sun.

The hike starts on the main road, heading north. You soon turn off the road (after 1.4 km) and continue on a narrow dirt path that hugs the cliffs. The path is on the absolute edge of the cliff and allows for some picturesque views over the azure waters below while winding through Mediterranean plants and hedges. After 3km, you will reach a large stony beach where one of Korbous' famous thermal springs is located. Stop here if you are looking for a bigger beach, a camping spot, or some nice warm thermal water underneath the palm trees. Continue on if you are looking for a calm, secluded sandy beach with crystal clear water. You will reach the "Robinson Creek", a cove named after a Tunisian man who decided to leave civilization and has built his house on the edge of the cliff. He has built interesting sheds and steps that lead down to this pristine beach, and he rents out beach chairs to visitors.

If you are afraid of heights or want a calmer way to your destination, don't turn off the main road. Instead, continue on the road, uphill, and only turn off after 2.6 km. Then follow a wide dirt track that winds downhill and also brings you to the stone beach with the thermal spring. From there, you can continue normally to "Robinson Creek". This alternative route is also in the trail map above.

Take note: This hike does not offer any shade along the way, so bring plenty of water and sun protection. Bring food and water from Korbous, there is nothing along the way.


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