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Współrzędne 1844

Uploaded 25 stycznia 2017

Recorded grudnia 2016

606 m
232 m
14,45 km

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w pobliżu  Prony (New Caledonia)

The hike starts out near the end of the GR1 ,Stage 1. After a few kilometers, the hike continues west when the GR1 turns north. For the most part the hike follows a well developed path and there's little concern of making a wrong turn. Typical scenery for this region; the weather was overcast and sometimes misty so it didn't make for the most beautiful hike but I also didn't overheat on this early summer hike. The actual peak - Pic 619 and I've no idea why it's called that - is most notable for the view point it gives to the west and north toward Dumbea. I'd love to return on a nice day. No twisted ankle and no drama, I was out and back in something like 4.5 hours with a longish lunch break.


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