1 949 m
303 m
40,32 km

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w pobliżu Ḩillat al ‘Arāqī, Al Batinah South (Sultanate of Oman)

After entering Wadi Sahtan, you will drive inside the wadi for a while and pass by some nice villages. There are multiple things to see in Wadi Sahtan, as it is a real El Dorado for 4wd adventurers, but if you follow the GPX track you will get just go all the way to Yasab. In Fasah follow road indicated to right and look for a steep climbing breathaking road on the mountain. That is where you will go. Once the ascents starts, it will be steep and I really mean steep. A few kilometers of bended track will take you on the edge of the mountain, giving you an amazing view on the entire Wadi Sahtan. It is literally a climb on the wall of the mountain to the top of it and once you reached the top is not yet done. Descend towards Yasab and keep an eye on your left for the gardens in the wadi. After reaching Yasab, just take a few pictures and come back. Stop on the way back to Wadi Sahtan in one of the few layovers and take a picnic there. Enjoy the moment, you are about to finish one of the most thrilling mountain track in Oman and the entire world.


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