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Uploaded 25 maja 2019

Recorded maja 2019

435 m
152 m
48,04 km

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w pobliżu Al ‘Uqaq, Al Batinah South (Sultanate of Oman)

technically this is very easy. After you slide into the wadi, keep following it through the mountains and you will face some decent water crossings, nothing too scary. I have to admit that here I faced the longest crossing which I doubted for a minute that I could pass with my Subary XV, but the car actually handled it without problems. While driving, look around and enjoy the palm trees as Wadi Hoqain is quite green for Omani standards. There is one point where you will have to leave the wadi and climb on your left side, but after few kilometers you will come back down the wadi. On the last section of the road there is good quality asphalt, so not really offroad action. The GPX track follows the road all the way to Hazm fort, just to make sure that you will not miss it.


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