Moving time  2 godzin 32 minut

Czas  4 godzin 38 minut

Współrzędne 4801

Uploaded 19 sierpnia 2018

Recorded sierpnia 2018

1 214 m
714 m
34,29 km

Obejrzane 724 razy, pobrane 24 razy

w pobliżu Vratce, Zadarska (Hrvatska)

In the first part you will drive on a small asphalt road with stunning viewingpoints. Later on you will get different types of roads (gravel, dirt, rocks meadow). You can make this track a lot longer if you want, they are plenty of opportunities. As well for overnight camping. Enjoy the ride. We certainly did.

4 Opinie

  • Honda crv 1998 AWD 2019-03-04

    Jel treba pravi terenac za ovo? Ili moze honda crv 1998 AWD

  • Zdjęcie Gijs & Annelot

    Gijs & Annelot 2019-03-04

    Ziks, can you translate to English? Do you want to drive this track with your awd Honda CRV 1998? I would say that it is possible with your Honda. Drive save and enjoy the ride!

  • Honda crv 1998 AWD 2019-03-04

    Yes, i would like to drive this with my honda crv 1998 awd, i've done some pretty hard trails so this wont be problem.thanks

  • Zdjęcie Gijs & Annelot

    Gijs & Annelot 2019-03-04

    Ofcourse, no problem! Enjoy!

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