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w pobliżu Sen, Vlorë (Albania)

If you enjoy high mountain passes with some exposure, toying through gravelly riverbeds and splashing through fords with crystal clear waters, the Kuç Connection is for you. While mountain ranges and rivers in this part of Albania generally follow a north-south direction, this trip moves from the west to the east, with a lot of up and down.

The trip comes in three parts, which we connected to a day's trip during the hot August season. All three can be combined with other trails described elsewhere on wikiloc. The first leads from Himarë at the Ionian coast to the old village of Pilur at 700 meter altitude, and then descends into the Kurvelesh valley near Kuç. For the rest of the trail, see the Kuç connection - Part 2 (wikiloc #7498443)

This is a serious off-road adventure, requiring 4WD and possibly engagement of low range for better traction or to better control steep descents. Kurvelesh authorities have been generous with road signs giving directions, though not necessarily with advice on what type of makina (vehicle) to use.

Needless to say, this is a trip of great scenic beauty and wilderness.

The road from Himarë to Pilur is signposted and consists of broken asphalt, reasonable dirt roads, and better asphalt near Pilur. There are nice views to the Ionian coast and Himarë. From there a serious descent into Kurvelesh begins. The dirt road is very narrow, and hugs the mountain until waypoint 04. From here to the main road to Kuç, the road is less exposed, but less well constructed and maintained. At the end of this stretch, you can decide whether to continue to Kuç and on to Gusmar (where the river trail experience will be had) or Borsh (wikiloc # 6434082) or to follow the long but generally easy valley road to Vlorë (wikiloc #6434082).

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01-Quarry and Fork

09-AUG-14 11:23:05


09-AUG-14 11:43:33




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09-AUG-14 12:06:49

06-Kuc Road

09-AUG-14 12:40:34

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  • demilo 2014-08-12

    This trail sounds amazing! Wonderful photos

  • Zdjęcie Piky1945

    Piky1945 2014-10-10

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Great Track! Many Thanks!

  • suzali 2016-07-17

    Beautiful scenery, nice views, perfect! Thx!!!

  • Detari 2016-09-04

    I have followed this trail  View more

    4x4 only

  • BernardG 2016-10-11

    I have followed this trail  View more


  • Herbert E. 2018-07-30

    I have followed this trail  zweryfikowane  View more

    Beautiful trip. We did it with our Defender, 4 kids and two tents on the roof. The trip was very nice and not too difficult. It gives a good impression of south Albania.

  • srbdcampeau 2019-03-17

    Hi, thanks for very detailed information. Do you happen to know if/where it is possible to rent a 4x4 close to Orikum or Vlorë? Thanks, Simon

  • Zdjęcie Palmtreeproduction

    Palmtreeproduction 2019-03-18

    I am not sure that here are agencies that rent you a 4WD. There are some that take you in their vehicle, or let you drive their vehicle in a guided tour. Try to google and check out Kazaku tours in Gjirokaster, or

  • srbdcampeau 2019-03-18

    Appreciate it! Thanks, I'll have a look. Greetings from Dhërmi

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