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1 039 m
110 m
35,48 km

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w pobliżu Maričevići, Zadarska (Hrvatska)

Mali Alan Pass is a mountain pass located in the southern part of the Velebit Mountains (Croatia), at an elevation of 1,045m above sea level.

Velebit is the largest though not the highest mountain range in Croatia. Its highest peak is the Vaganski Vrh at 1757 m. The range forms a part of the Dinaric Alps and is located along the Adriatic coast.
After some kilometers, the asphalt finishes and it becomes a dirt trail. During the climb to the peak, there’s a small church which was built during the road construction. Road was opened on October, 1832, built by Major Kajetan Knezic (1786-1848) famous engineer and road builder. Before arriving to the peak, there’s another construction through the trail. Is called Tulove grede, and an old legend says that dragons live there, and a chapel is dedicated to Colonel Damir Tomljanovic Gavran who fell there in 1994 during Croatian war for independence.
It’s highly recommended to stay always in the trail, because the zone is very dangerous offside the path. The whole area was frontline during the war and the Croatian authorities have posted several signs along the road, warning the danger of mines.

to Gospic


to Gracac


to Udbina, Bihac, Plitvice

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