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w pobliżu Mesquite Oasis, California (United States)

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The road starts out as a very good, but sandy dirt road.
You may even meet adventurous regular cars.
Along the way the road may fork for a different route.
The left (east) one was the best in 2012.

The road dips into the more rocky wash just before the cross road with the East Canyon.
Keep right at the crossing.

At about 5 mile it get's more interesting, more and more rocks.
Just about the limit for our SUV.

After a 1 mile rocky road, sand again and an easy drive up to the end of the road.
Close to the end, you see an arrow, indicating where the road goes, keep left.

The road ends after 6.8 mile.

On some stretches you should hike a bit, to see what's going on, because there is sometimes very little room to turn back.

Warning: You need a higher clearance car with 4x4.

How to get here:

On the S2, mile 48.5, signed Carrizo Canyon
off road


off road

Xing East






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