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w pobliżu Brušane, Ličko-Senjska (Hrvatska)

The trail is drivable from Rizvanuša to the point "Back to the bad road" with an ordinary car. For all other parts of the trail, a car with a high clearance is recommended. The trail is not difficult for an off road car, but because the "road" is not regularly maintained, expect trees and rocks, especially after a long rainy or windy day. Any tools for removing trees and rock from the road is welcome, and in this situation, a small off road car like Suzuki Samurai/Jimny or Lada Niva can bee a huge advantage.

On the trail are some nice viewpoints, and the view from the top is truly amazing.

On the trail are some minefields from the past war, but they are all good marked so there is no real danger. But do not be foolish and ignore the table "Mine".

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Almost on the top, the Panos
On Panos i an old abandoned military radar station


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