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w pobliżu  Little Hawk Lake, Ontàrio (Canada)

Day 2 of a 3 day, 2 night trip (see catalog entry).

This is a combination paddle to Sherborne Dam and then a hike along trails and roads, basically a day of seeing what was out there. Only one of our three maps showed a loop trail for our hike and as it turns out the trail was barely visible and overgrown so our hike retraced our steps back to the dam.

Not many highlights on the hike portion but our legs were stretched and a couple of lakes seen for the first time. We explored more of the northern portion of Sherborne Lake but GPS decided not to follow along with us.

A good day of exploring the area!
Easy to spot at the western end of the lake.
On our hike, a couple of road intersections came up. We went right here.
Another right turn here.
Campsite on Plastic Lake. The road was right beside the campsite and the lake was nothing special. And who names a lake after plastic?? We took a break/had lunch here.
Path down to Raven Lake (for snowmobiles??). The 'loop' portion of our intended trail was a couple hundred meters south and overgrown. We retraced our path in.


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