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w pobliżu  Gulls Marsh, Newfoundland (Canada)

I can't say enough about this 2 hour boat excursion on Western Brook Pond, a land locked fjord in Gros Morne Park.

This is a paid for trip on an excursion boat, you can get tickets in downtown Rocky Harbour or by other means (just Google it).

The scenery here is gob-smacking beautiful and although the excursion is not free it is worth every penny. You will travel about 17 km into the depth of the fjord and arrive at what I think is the preeminent point of the trip where "Pissing Mare Falls" tumbles from 350 m overhead down a sheer rock face.

Some hints:
- make a reservation
- do it on a sunny day
- get there early to get a good seat on the boat (outside if possible)
- wear warm clothes (the wind can be brutal)
- take a camera with fresh batteries and an empty memory card

You will be amazed!!
The sister ship is ahead of us
Note snow pack coming right down to lake level.


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