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  • Zdjęcie ZIRJE 20130821
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  • Zdjęcie ZIRJE 20130821
  • Zdjęcie ZIRJE 20130821
  • Zdjęcie ZIRJE 20130821

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Uploaded 29 sierpnia 2013

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w pobliżu Žirje, Šibensko-Kniniska (Hrvatska)

It's Thursday 22th of August. My friend Nino and i are waiting to ship back with the car ferry from island Zirje to the town Sibenik. So this year we have spend 2 days biking all over Zirje. For those who have read my biking reviews before knows that we are exploring one croatian island per year with the bike. Why did we choose Zirje? Google told me that Zirje is the farest island from Sibenik and the last line to Adria and Italy. In the past it was always an strategic military area and this was the main reason for visit. In northern and southern part of the island you will find old yugoslavian millitary building that are connected with underground tunnels. So much waisted money for nothing in the past. But it this definitely worth to see the awesome panoramic view from these places.
The second impressed place is the castle in southern part builded in the 6th century. Great place and view. I will mention the old town of Zirje with a lot of old houses that are placed very close together, awesome if you think that on the island were lived over 1200 citizens in the past. Now only 60 over the winter season. Regarding biking, the island is bicycle friendly. There are all over bicycle road signs and the pavement is good enough even for an hardtail bike. Take care if you need drinking water. The only shop is at the main gate and is not open the whole day. So consider to have enough water during biking. The restaurant are not offering so much, and compared to Molat, Premuda not better.
That is all from my side this year. I will of course update some point of interest on
Bye and take care, lp Nino and Robert.


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