• Zdjęcie Tour du Lac
  • Zdjęcie Tour du Lac
  • Zdjęcie Tour du Lac
  • Zdjęcie Tour du Lac
  • Zdjęcie Tour du Lac
  • Zdjęcie Tour du Lac

Czas  4 godzin 40 minut

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Uploaded 17 sierpnia 2014

Recorded sierpnia 2014

478 m
313 m
30,58 km

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w pobliżu Lultzhausen, Diekirch (Lëtzebuerg)

My tour du Lac.
Lac = drinkwater dam Esch/Sure.
This track tries to follow the "sentier du lac" hiking path but avoids the most tricky parts. Albeit, the track is NOT for beginners, mostly but not exclusively due to the total climb (1000 m, for roughly 30 km of total distance) additionnaly considering he numerous singletracks, sometimes steep uphill or downhill, or the terrain falling sharply towards one side.
Many stones and roots make riding dangerous, especially after rainshowers.
If you are scared of height, don't even try, if you like lonesome rides through the harsh Ardennes hills, go for it! With splendid views on the lake...
Runs clock-wise - enjoy!
NB: Starts in Lultzhausen, parking facilities either on the main road, close to the bridge and the street that leads to Eschdorf, or in the village, at the sports hall.
NB: thanks to Claude from Scape/Rédange for leading me into the subject ;-)...

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  • Zdjęcie RomRom

    RomRom 2014-08-21

    Very nice track with some very hard Uphills and many singletrails. Just what I missed in the region of the barrier lake.
    The hole track can easily be done in 3 hours.

    Thanks Ferd

  • ballie 2015-04-07

    Did this track last weekend and as Ferd already indicated you must be a very skilled mountainbiker. Some parts depending on the season can only be done walking. We had a lot of leaves and many fallen trees on the trail. We where not able to see the ther Roots or rocks due to the leaves which made it more dangerous. The vieuws are really magnifiscent. If you do have fear of highed don't even try it.

  • k.eichler 2016-02-29

    Made the track today. Blue sky, cold wind but glorious sights. Grats to RomRom who can easily do it in 3 hours! I took the ride as my first practice this year and I must admit, I am too heavy for 3 hours and so I returned to my car after 4 hours, tired but happy,

  • rippera 2016-07-19

    You think it's forbidden to take these single tracks with a trail motorcycle? I am planning a trip to the Ardennes soon and since there are no tracks for offroad motorcycling, was thinking about trying to so some of the Mountainbike ones.

  • ballie 2016-07-19

    Dear Rippera, i do drive motorcycle as well and also motorcross. This trail can not be done by motorbike. Its to narrow and ro much Small tracks. Some parts of the track are silent areas and as far i can remember it is forbidden for motorized vehicles. Sorry

  • rippera 2016-07-19


  • Zdjęcie ferd

    ferd 2016-07-19

    Hi Folks. In Luxemburg, you cannot go off-road with a cross-bike (fuel driven). Thanks for your comments. Greetz. Ferdy.

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