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Date= 2009-08-23
Time= 10:51:05
Lat= 50.8930210N
Lon= 15.3995350E
Spd= 10.8Km/h
Alt= 757.9m
Date= 2009-08-23
Time= 10:51:08
Lat= 50.8928460N
Lon= 15.3994700E
Spd= 10.8Km/h
Alt= 753.6m
Date= 2009-08-23
Time= 10:51:11
Lat= 50.8927200N
Lon= 15.3993870E
Spd= 10.2Km/h
Alt= 754.7m
Date= 2009-08-23
Time= 10:51:14
Lat= 50.8928350N
Lon= 15.3992820E
Spd= 9.1Km/h
Alt= 756.1m
Date= 2009-08-23
Time= 10:51:17
Lat= 50.8929160N
Lon= 15.3992010E
Spd= 8.3Km/h
Alt= 760.0m
Date= 2009-08-23
Time= 10:51:20
Lat= 50.8929580N
Lon= 15.3991340E
Spd= 9.8Km/h
Alt= 758.9m
Date= 2009-08-23
Time= 10:51:23
Lat= 50.8930280N
Lon= 15.3990760E
Spd= 10.3Km/h
Alt= 760.4m
Date= 2009-08-23
Time= 10:51:26
Lat= 50.8930860N
Lon= 15.3990220E
Spd= 8.3Km/h
Alt= 762.5m
Date= 2009-08-23
Time= 10:51:29
Lat= 50.8931250N
Lon= 15.3989890E
Spd= 9.3Km/h
Alt= 763.1m
Date= 2009-08-23
Time= 10:51:32
Lat= 50.8932570N
Lon= 15.3989590E
Spd= 10.6Km/h
Alt= 766.3m
Date= 2009-08-23
Time= 10:51:35
Lat= 50.8933430N
Lon= 15.3989390E
Spd= 10.2Km/h
Alt= 767.6m
Date= 2009-08-23
Time= 10:51:38
Lat= 50.8934170N
Lon= 15.3989310E
Spd= 8.3Km/h
Alt= 767.6m
Date= 2009-08-23
Time= 10:51:41
Lat= 50.8934680N
Lon= 15.3989200E
Spd= 9.5Km/h
Alt= 767.7m
Date= 2009-08-23
Time= 10:51:44
Lat= 50.8935640N
Lon= 15.3989200E
Spd= 8.6Km/h
Alt= 769.4m
Date= 2009-08-23
Time= 10:51:47
Lat= 50.8936340N
Lon= 15.3989290E
Spd= 7.9Km/h
Alt= 770.7m
Date= 2009-08-23
Time= 10:51:50
Lat= 50.8937280N
Lon= 15.3989240E
Spd= 6.7Km/h
Alt= 772.7m
Date= 2009-08-23
Time= 10:51:53
Lat= 50.8937890N
Lon= 15.3989300E
Spd= 9.6Km/h
Alt= 772.7m
Date= 2009-08-23
Time= 10:51:56
Lat= 50.8938870N
Lon= 15.3989540E
Spd= 10.0Km/h
Alt= 774.1m
Date= 2009-08-23
Time= 10:51:59
Lat= 50.8939500N
Lon= 15.3989660E
Spd= 9.8Km/h
Alt= 773.9m
Date= 2009-08-23
Time= 10:52:02
Lat= 50.8940140N
Lon= 15.3989780E
Spd= 9.1Km/h
Alt= 772.3m
Date= 2009-08-23
Time= 10:52:05
Lat= 50.8936800N
Lon= 15.3990390E
Spd= 9.3Km/h
Alt= 761.5m
Date= 2009-08-23
Time= 10:52:08
Lat= 50.8936520N
Lon= 15.3990380E
Spd= 9.6Km/h
Alt= 759.4m
Date= 2009-08-23
Time= 10:52:11
Lat= 50.8937060N
Lon= 15.3990000E
Spd= 9.8Km/h
Alt= 759.2m
Date= 2009-08-23
Time= 10:52:14
Lat= 50.8937620N
Lon= 15.3989620E
Spd= 8.8Km/h
Alt= 758.9m
Date= 2009-08-23
Time= 10:52:17
Lat= 50.8938310N
Lon= 15.3989270E
Spd= 9.2Km/h
Alt= 758.5m

2 Opinie

  • curious 2009-08-28

    Going by bike via route '30' is very dangerous due to speeding cars, heavy trucks, and very poor visibility (many hills, little margin). personally i would discourage it - there are numerous deaths happening on this road each year , and you could put flowers to symbolic graves on side of road instead.

    There is very good way from Zgorzelec via Jerzmianki, Rudzica and Zaręba (one can avoid route 357 there aswell by going via Zielona street which connects to Starolubańska) and/or even skip Lubań completely by going via Bukowa Góra which is much more attractive for sight-seeing than dirty Lubań.
    It is definitelly not safe to pass via main routes of Lubań by bike!

    Also, instead of going to Gryfów wia main route 30 (which is again very dangerous, actually treated by drivers 'autobahn' class and not suitable for bikes or pedestrians) You could use route to Smolnik via Szyszkowa (it goes parallel to route 393) which is much safer for bikes, and then cycle via Biedrzychowice and Złotniki Lubańskie - which are very attractive for sight seeing and destined for leisure travel.

    Greetings and stay safe!

  • Zdjęcie maxirob

    maxirob 2009-08-31

    to curious:
    that was my first data logger test ...

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