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w pobliżu Wilcox Lake, Ontàrio (Canada)

This is an interesting area, thanks to Derek for his Wikiloc entry (Jefferson Forest). The start/stop is at Swan Lake accessed off Bethesda Road where there is ample parking. The trail starts in front of the building to the right (west) and can be very rugged in spots (not for young kids or cyclists). Could also be a nice hike (easy to moderate difficulty). There are numerous side trails and a map (or GPS) is needed to stay on your path (you can ignore/skip from 0.9 to 1.5 km).

Portions of the path I took were paved sidewalk, roadside (along Yonge Street for 200-300 meters) crushed limestone, furrowed field and dirt path. On several occassions (6-10 times) I dismounted (to cross over a limb, climb a hill or turn a corner). There really is quite the variety at this location and you can pick and choose to suit your needs, ability and time.

A fair amount of wildlife, some nice lakeside views and a mixed forest that was a pleasure to explore. Some traffic noise when close to roads but overall a nice area to experience.

Intersection 1

Lots of side trails, I spent a fair amount of time figuring out where I was going.

Intersection 2

Some signage indicated trails closed for rejuvenation. I turned left here.

Bond Lake

Large parking area (alternate start location) and building located just off Yonge Street. A basic map was posted beside the trail with indications of distance.

Swan Lake

Close to start/stop point it was very busy when I arrived (summer day camp?) but was empty when I returned.


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