2 576 m
2 150 m
22,74 km

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w pobliżu Old Limber Pine, Utah (United States)

A fairly easy climb on a smooth jeep road, followed by a fast descent through multiple rock gardens on an ATV track.

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  • IdahoAnn 2010-05-16

    This trail is wonderful. I addad a link to it on Southeast Idaho's trails page at www.seidaho.org/trails.htm. I also borrowed a couple pictures from it for the page and for Bear Lake's website at www.bearlake.org. Your on the front page header! Please let me know if that's OK with you. webmaster@seidaho.org. Keep up the good work and post more trails in Southeast Idaho. Thanks!

  • Zdjęcie Dragonfly Group

    Dragonfly Group 2015-07-25

    Nice shot ;) https://www.wikiloc.com/mountain-biking-trails/sink-hollow-593573/photo-167034

  • Zdjęcie Dragonfly Group

    Dragonfly Group 2015-07-25

    Thanks for link

  • Zdjęcie Miquelventana

    Miquelventana 2016-10-19

    ÷ ° 2 2da2 ♤8<,z,7+Fna7a8

  • Xavi_Morros 2020-09-22

    Nice photos!

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